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Lucia C.  1987.  The Ethnomusicologist and the Educator. Papers Presented at the Sixth Symposium on Ethnomusicology. :36-39.
Lucia C.  1992.  Ethnomusicology and the Art of the State: Training the Music Professional in South Africa. Proceedings of the Fourth National Music Educators’ Conference 1991. Music Matters: Music Education in the 1990’s. :75-86.
Lucia C.  1992.  The Parrot and the Nightingale: Reflections on the ‘Encounter Between Two Cultures’. University of Durban-Westville: Inaugural Address Series.
Lucia C.  1993.  Peter Klatzow: From the Poets. South African Journal of Musicology: SAMUS. 13:114-117.
Lucia C.  1994.  Hubert du Plessis: Opp.1, 28 & 40. South African Journal of Musicology: SAMUS. 14:105-108.
Lucia C.  1995.  Schumann’s Tonal Analogue Revisited. South African Journal of Musicology: SAMUS. 15:15-24.
Lucia C.  1996.  Peter van der Merwe: The Origins of the Popular Style. African Music: Journal of the International Library of African Music. 7 (3):148-151.
Lucia C.  1999.  Michael Blake: a Profile. Intercultural Musicology. 1/1-2:12-15.
Lucia C.  2000.  Hugh Tracey: Historical Recordings of Hugh Tracey. South African Journal of Musicology: SAMUS. 19/20:87-91.
Lucia C.  2002.  Abdullah Ibrahim and the Uses of Memory. British Journal of Ethnomusicology. 11/2:125-43. Download: abdullah_ibrahim_and_the_uses_of_memory_2002.pdf (1.67 MB)
Lucia C.  2003.  The Goldberg Variations. Xavier Review. 23/2:21-30. Download: the-goldberg-variations.pdf (97.56 KB)
Lucia C.  2003.  Windows. New Coin: South African Poetry. 39/2:9-14. Download: windows.pdf (103 KB)
Lucia C.  2004.  Louise Meintjes, Sound of Africa! Making Music Zulu in a South African Studio. Journal of Southern African Studies. 30/4:919-20.
Lucia C.  2005.  Abdullah Ibrahim and ‘African Pianism’ in South Africa. Towards an African Pianism: Keyboard Music of Africa and the Diaspora. 1:53-67. Download: abdullah_ibrahim_and_african_pianism_in_south_africa_2005.pdf (800.91 KB)
Lucia C.  2005.  Intergalactic Spaces: A Profile of Carlo Mombelli. NewMusicSA Bulletin. 3-4:7-8. Download: intergalactic-spaces.pdf (111.02 KB)
Lucia C.  2005.  Introduction: Reading South African Music. The World of South African Music: A Reader. :xxi-xlvi. Download: introduction_-_reading_south_african_music.pdf (783.39 KB)
[Anonymous].  2005.  The World of South African Music: A Reader. :368pp.
Lucia C.  2007.  The Hotel. Botsotso. 14:64-69. Download: the-hotel.pdf (99.83 KB)
Lucia C.  2007.  How Critical is Music Theory. Critical Arts. 21/1:166-89. Download: how_critical_is_music_theory_2006.pdf (4.26 MB)
Lucia C.  2007.  Spirit of Africa: An Interview with Andrew Tracey. SAMUS: South African Music Studies. 26-27:127-43.
Lucia C.  2007.  Statement. Breaking the Silence: Positive Survivors. :48-55. Download: statement.pdf (98.14 KB)